This sums up the last 4 months of my life

The Fickle Heartbeat

Waiting on Myself.

Shared by lifeisrozie

I’m sitting here on my bed, laptop on my legs, trying to distract myself from my own awful feelings of inadequacy and loneliness by watching a series.

Another man, another disappointment.

I’ve raided every cupboard and potential hiding place in the house for anything sweet and stuffed with calories in a desperate attempt to feel both better and worse about myself. Better, because at least by allowing myself these treats I feel a sense of pampering.
Worse, because I already feel fat just thinking about what I am eating – but at least by feeling fat I can think of a reason why he hasn’t called.

Why hasn’t he called?

I have never in my life had a man ignore me in this way before. Sure, I’ve had men treat me in a way that I knew I deserved better – but never outright ignore me.


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