Clearly, I Have a Problem With Consistency

I promise I’ll try to blog more.

Oh, and in a weird twist of fate, I’m somehow still together with the guy who inspired this breakup blog.


4 thoughts on “Clearly, I Have a Problem With Consistency

    1. It sure has been a confusing few months but hopefully, this blog will be up and running again! Hahaha yes, it’s more of a second chance blog now with insecurities still in the air sometimes 😀 And I’ve been catching up on yours too! Hope the dating world has been going well?


  1. I’ll be watching for your posts! Ah, a second chance blog — I like the sounds of that :). Does he know you blog about your relationship?!
    Yes, I’m dating again, but no more online dating! Just had a third date, and it went well….I might blog about it ;-)!
    Wishing you and your guy lots of love, laughter and adventures the second time around 🙂


    1. Thank you! And I’ll be looking out for yours too! It’s so exciting to read about your adventures and I’m definitely learning from them! Fortunately, he doesn’t know about its existence and hopefully it’ll stay that way hahaha.. it’s just that his culture is not very expressive and he himself doesn’t believe in posting things about the relationship online. But a girl needs her outlet! Thank you so much for your support.. hopefully it’ll last this time around 🙂

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