Alphabets of a Heartbreak – B

Broken (adjective): Anyone who has gone through a heartbreak usually says that they were absolutely broken when it happened. It’s almost like a club for the broken hearted. If it’s like a club, why do we always feel incredibly lonely when it happens? 


4 thoughts on “Alphabets of a Heartbreak – B

  1. My dear Broken but Fixable….I’m sending a virtual hug your way :). I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t workout with your guy second time around. Breakups suck. And they don’t get any easier, do they? I hung out in that lonely club for awhile — you’ve got good company there :).

    I’m glad you’re writing again. Your voice is so genuine and relatable. Keep writing through it all – I’m looking forward to the next letter :).

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    1. Awww thank you so much!! Returning that hug back! They really do suck, even if it’s with the same person. But I am more hopeful of power through it this time around compared to the first one. Here’s to, hopefully, a better future ahead!
      Thank you so much for your support! I’m more motivated to write now that I found the best way that suits my voice. Apparently feeling like you are dying inside makes you more creative 😉 thank you, truly ❤❤ looking forward to reading more of yours too!

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      1. So happy to hear that you are feeling more hopeful! There is a better future ahead for you — always remember nothing stays the same, everything changes….even your pain and heartbreak!
        Interesting that you say “feeling like you are dying inside makes you more creative”. I feel the same way and am missing my creative juices these days. Hope to blog again before the end of this year!

        Warm wishes for a more creative, but less painful end to 2016 ❤


      2. After 2 weeks, it’s slowly getting better. And it’s true! It still hurts daily but at least I can see the light slowly and I am excited that I am re-learning about myself without having to take him into consideration anymore. This writing process will definitely help in that! Thank you so much for your wish! I’m wishing you a wonderful and exciting 2017 ahead!! ❤


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