What do you do what you find out that your ex, who is still with that girl, has suddenly decided to migrate to your country?

The reality is that nothing will probably happen. He will go about his own merry little life with her here and I will go about with mine. And the universe will ensure that we won’t even cross each others’ paths.

Won’t he be curious enough to ask to see me?

Let’s be real. I pampered him so much, do you think he’ll even bother? I’m probably used tissue to him. He probably thinks I’ll come running back to him regardless of how he has treated me because I let him do it to me. 

And that is the thing that pisses me off the most, I suppose. It is the fact that part of this is my fault because I let him get away with everything and I kept coming back to him.

Do I want to see him?

Honestly? No. Because there is nothing left to be said. He doesn’t want to be with me and neither has he worked to keep me in his life in any capacity. But I also know that eventually, it’s best to face it rather than to run or avoid from it. I’m not going out of my way to make the meeting happen. I truly believe that when the universe knows I’m ready, it’ll happen. If I am never ready, or if it is not important, then it’ll never happen. And I am okay with that.

But what I am not okay with is how he has chosen to start off his vagabond shitfest of a lifestyle choice with my city and country. For years, we have always talked about it together. My name is synonymous to that city/country in so many ways. For him to do this feels like a slap to my face although I know that technically I have no right to even complaint because hey, it’s a free world. I just don’t like knowing that I will probably look over my shoulder for the next few months whenever I am there. Eventually, I will forget about it, like I always do, but for the next few months, as I go through the process of forgetting, it will suck.

I refuse to back down because this is my turf, this is my city. You can go and ask all your other friends to help you out. You can ask that girlfriend that you love oh so dearly to help you out. I am not going to be there because you must be joking if you think I will allow you to take advantage of my kindness after the way you have treated me. I may have loved you and I may have allowed you to use me in so many ways. But not anymore.



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