Alphabets of a Heartbreak – C

Christmas¬†(noun) : I can’t wish you Merry Christmas today. You uploaded a photo of you and your new girlfriend yesterday, slightly over a week after we broke up. Clearly, you don’t need my well wishes for a Merry Christmas. In fact, quite honestly, there’s nothing merry about me right now.

I Don’t Get It?

Can someone explain to me why a guy would publicly tell you that he likes you and then when you give him the green light, he just disappears?

I know cynics will say that life is not just about a guy and I suppose that’s true.

But I think I like him too. So when you’re safely over your ex and are beginning to like another person and that person apparently has held a torch for you for close to the decade,¬†why would he just suddenly disappear?

What makes all of this weird is we have mutual friends so I can’t even talk about this openly because it just doesn’t work like that.

Seriously, what is going on?

And if it helps, he’s a Scorpio.