Taking a Stand

I was about to blog about how I’m beginning to wonder if I should go on Tinder when something on Tumblr caught my eye.


I do this on a day to day basis and unsurprisingly, I’ve collided with so many men that I’ve begun scowling back at them. To date, none have apologized.

I’m not sure when my own unexpected experiment started but I think it began a few years ago when I realized that I had to keep on side stepping men regardless of the fact that he was walking into my pathway. There are those who would side step away but surprisingly, there are many who won’t. Initially, it was daunting because you cannot help but feel like you should move aside for them but after a while, something inside me just snapped. It didn’t feel fair. If he could see me perfectly, why can’t he be fair enough to let me have my way instead of walking into my pathway?

So yeah. I just found this post interesting because although a lot of things are usually exaggerated on Tumblr, this is a reality that I am personally living with and it’s not fun.