Karma and Accountability

Isn’t it funny how you are sometimes able to learn more about yourself when you are at your busiest?

The last few months have been somewhat like a tornado of sorts. Professionally especially and sometimes emotionally. My patience, loyalty, empathy and confidence were put to the test as I learnt to navigate my way through the choppy waters of private higher tertiary college politics.

Things have tapered off slightly but we can feel another tsunami hitting us soon.

Through the whole process, I realized that it is true what they say: The true measure of a person is not what happens to her but how she reacts towards it. It’s so easy to simply react emotionally towards all the problems that you face but that is not the matured way to do it.

What do you do when someone accuses you of being incompetent and useless publicly when in reality you know that it’s just malicious slander? Do you stand up and fight immediately or do you sit down for a while and let your reputation do the talking for you?

It was during this time that I learnt that you must always make every effort count. Every contribution that you have made towards your company and colleagues should come from the heart. Help people whenever you can. Reach out to them if you know you can make things easier for them. Be fair. Learn to be honest.

It is who you are that makes a difference. It is how you respond to situations and people that determines whether you are an asset or a liability. When you reach out to people for the sake of helping out without thinking about the gains that you will get, sometimes we will find that it will make them trust you even more.

You’ll be surprised to see who will reach out to stick up for you when you need them the most.

Sometimes, you wouldn’t even have to ask for help and they’ll be there.