Two of my exs told me to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. When I watched it the first time, I didn’t quite get it. The second time around, though, I understood that what the movie represented, at least to me.

You can run all you want but if a person is meant to be in your life, he or she will be in your life regardless.Life will find a way to throw the both of you back together. It also meant that when love is pain and obsession and possession to a person, it will only drive the other person crazy. Clementine was a free spirit. The only way to hold on to a free spirit is to let her go.

Maybe there’s something behind the fact that two men in my past have asked me to watch this movie. Maybe I’m daft but I still can’t seem to understand what it could mean in reference to us.

A month ago, my Breakup Buddy asked me if I was ready to watch 500 Days of Summer yet. I told her that I wasn’t ready to die again.

But today, I think I am. I think I’m at that place where I can handle it. Wish me luck!