This is Probably The Saddest Post Ever

For real though, don’t read this post if you’re feeling stronger and more confident today. If you’re in need of a good cry, maybe this post will help get those tear ducts working.

It’s no secret that poetry, music and films play huge roles when it comes to taming the grieving beasts that live inside us. There’s something about the words, the melody and the visualization of pain that sometimes heals and at times helps us feel less alone.

It helps to know that there are other people out there who understand our inner struggles. That painful kick that you get in your heart when you read, hear or watch something that reminds you specifically of your own situation. Or that relief that washes over you when you recognize someone else who knows just¬†exactly¬†what you’re going through.

I came across Lang Leav’s poems through Tumblr. It started way before things ended with him. Her poems about love and feeling appreciated spoke to my happy state of mind. Lately, her sad poems are speaking to my pain and my sadness.

These are some of her her poems that have personally affected me through my journey to re-discovering myself. Every single one of them reminds me of him.