Let’s Try This Again

And the award for Best Abandoned Blog goes to…this one!

Maybe the reason why I’ve been quiet is because I needed the last few months to just focus on something else other than the heart and emotions and feelings and all the other things related to that.

The time out allowed me to come to a few realizations:

  1. I’m taking a trip back to Europe to deal with this. The trip is going to serve as a reset. I’m going to go back there with a different mindset and to experience the continent as I should without expectations of meeting him. A friend is coming with me because she’s always had a dream of spending December in Europe. So that’s definitely something I’m looking forward to (and maybe something I’m going to blog about. #TravellingAsianProblems might be my new thing).
  2. I’m going to a One Direction concert in 2 weeks to accompany my sister. This is going to be painful.
  3. Quitting stalking him on Facebook is just impossible. At least I found out that he’s not doing as well as he expected since we split. It’s petty but I find this comforting.
  4. Sometimes, the people around you do more harm than good. And sometimes, the people that you thought cared about you would rather see you miserable than happy. The scary thing is you don’t realize this until it happens.

So I’m going to try this blogging thing again. It might work, it might not. But we’ll see. If there’s anything anyone wants me to write more of, please please let me know because sometimes I feel like I’m boring people’s heads off!